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관리자  2020/12/18, 18:35:46
GalileoPowerCell.jpg (608.2 kb)
SR Galileo PowerCell SX 설치사진입니다

전원장치의 끝판왕이라고 할수있는 Synergistic Research사의 Galileo PowerCell SX (SRX파워코드) 설치사진입니다.. 고객분께서 나머지 시스템의 노출을꺼리셔서 해당제품 사진만 찍어서 올립니다.

MSRP $23,000의 초고가 전원장치이며 국내에 4대째 판매되었습니다.

사용하고계신분들 모두 많은 만족감을 가지고있는 제품이며 Synergistic Research사의 공간창출능력과 음사이사이를 고급스럽게 만들어주는 이시대 진정한 전원장치 끝판왕이라고 할수있습니다.

제품에 궁금한점이 있으신분들은 언제라도 편하게 연락주시기 바랍니다
Synergistic Research 한국공식수입원
ES오디오 02-499-3627

Galileo PowerCell SX

This goes to 11.

Galileo PowerCell SX는 PowerCell 12 SE의 6개의 EM Cell에 11개가 더 채워진 Active Electromagnetic Cells 덕분에
파워셀 12 SE의 네 배나 되는 Active Filtration 을 가진 진화와 혁명의 전원장치이다.
내부 EM Cells 의 바이어스를 위한 전원 공급이 완전히 재설계되어 더 낮은 noise floor를 가지도록 되어 있으며, 접지 및 AC 모두를 바이어싱하기 위한 새로운 field generator 를 통해 시스템은 향상된 음악성에 더욱 확장된 사운드 필드에서 더 높은 해상도를 전달할 수 있다.

모든 배선은 퓨어 6N 순은선으로 되어있으며, 12개의 AC 콘센트를 각각 배선하기 위해 사용된 길이만 59피트다.
다른 개선 사항으로는 새로운 ground filtration topology를 통한 더 낮은 noise floor 와
Galileo SX 파워셀을 Active Ground Block에 접지시켜 12개의 AC 콘센트 어디에서도 동일한 높은 성능을 발휘한다.

심지어 시스템 에너지 소비량을 모니터링할수있는 암페어미터까지 있다.

The Galileo PowerCell SX is both evolution and revolution with four times the Active Filtration of the PowerCell 12 SE thanks to eleven more densely packed Active Electromagnetic Cells to the PowerCell 12 SE’s six EM Cells. The power supply for biasing the internal EM Cells has been completely re-engineered to have a lower noise floor, and a new field generator for biasing both Ground and AC allows your system to convey higher resolution in a more open soundfield with enhanced musicality. All wiring is point to point pure six-nines silver, 59 feet in fact to wire each of its twelve AC outlets. Other improvements include a new ground filtration topology for a lower system noise floor and a unique ability to ground the Galileo SX PowerCell to our Active Ground Block for higher performance still without sacrificing any of its twelve AC outlets. There’s even an Amp Meter that allows you to view the beautiful hand-built circuit as you monitor your systems energy consumption.


What’s inside?

The Galileo SX PowerCell starts with the same technology as our world-beating PowerCell 12 SE line conditioner and adds five additional folded Active Electromagnetic Cells for a total of eleven Active EM Cells to the PowerCell 12 SE’s six Active EM Cells. Furthermore, all eleven Active EM Cells are larger and more densely packed for four times the total surface area, and this translates into a dramatic increase in EM Cell efficiency with twice the stored energy for a sound that is more dynamic with greater apparent dynamic range.

We engineered a new power supply for biasing the eleven EM Cells with DC including a new Ground Plane Technology for a dramatic lowering of the EM Cells noise floor. We then experimented with harmonics of the Earths Schumann Resonance over several months of double-blind testing until we found a frequency that delivers greater detail and holographic realism while sounding more musical than the PC 12 SE’s original bias frequency. Additionally, the new power supply and field generator biases all eleven Active EM Cells with the Earth’s Schumann Resonance plus DC whereas the PowerCell 12 SE only biases the single flat Active EM Cell with the Earth’s Schumann Resonance for a fundamental improvement at the heart of the Galileo SX PowerCell’s eleven Active EM Cells.

Internal AC wiring has been improved through the use of 59 feet of 99.9999% Pure Silver in an air dielectric to the PowerCell 12 SE’s use of Silver Matrix wring in a Teflon Dielectric. Furthermore, each of the twelve AC outlets is point-to-point wired to their dedicated Active EM Cells compared to the PowerCell 12 SE which wires one hot and on cold AC run to each duplex where two outlets per duplex share common wiring.

We improved ground filtration through the use of a new wiring topology for a lower noise floor. Additionally, the Galileo SX PowerCell can be directly connected to our Active Ground Block through a new dedicated ground connection to lower its noise floor further still without taking up any of the 12 AC outlets, and this is very useful for systems needing all twelve AC outlets.

Galileo SX PowerCell has the cool factor covered as well with a front amp meter that displays the amperage running to your system as it allows you to see the beautiful hand-built circuit inside and an additional large view window on the top will enable you to see the pinnacle of our craftsmanship. You can even change the color and intensity of the light that illuminates both the front amp meter and a top view window. Select between Galileo White, Dante Red, Synergistic Research Blue, and McIntosh Blue to match its lighting to other components in your system. And if you prefer no light at all you can choose to be boring, it’s up to you.


Eleven Active Electromagnetic Cells

Eleven Active Electromagnetic Cells.

Solid silver 14awg wiring

Fifty-nine feet of 99.9999% silver.


Eight color options.

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