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제 조 사 : Synergistc Research
판매가격 : 1,300,000 원
재고수량 : 품 절
수량  개  
가  격
적 립 금
품절 상품이므로 장바구니에 담을 수 없습니다.

한국오디오시장에서 많은 인기를 끌었던 MIG 2.0의 업그레이드 제품인 MIG SX 아이솔레이션입니다.
두가지 옵션으로 시스템의 소리를 변경할수있으며 기존의 MIG제품보다 모든부분에서 확연히 업그레이드된 제품입니다.  자세한 사용법은 아래의 사용법을 참고하시기 바랍니다.

적용하시는 방법은 소스기와 전원부부터 하나씩 배치하시는것을 권장해드리며
일단은  Ambient모드부터 적용해보시고 바꿔보시면서 최적의 매칭을 찾아가시기 바랍니다.


Ambient는 유연한 소리성향입니다.
좀더 리퀴드한 소리를 만들고 싶을때 이배치를 사용하시면 되고 대편성곡을 즐기신다면 이 배치를 추천합니다.
윗사진과 같이 앞쪽은 금속면이 아래를 보게 배치하시고 뒷쪽 두개는 금속면이 위로 향하게 삼점지지를 배치하시면 됩니다.


PinPoint는 정확한 이미지 배치와 타이트한 베이스로 사운드 스테이지 포커스가 선명해집니다.
좀더 선명하고 정위감이 좋은 소리를 원하실때 이렇게 배치하시면 됩니다.
보컬이나 소편성 재즈같은 음악에서 최상의 효과를 발휘합니다.
윗사진과 같이 앞쪽은 금속면이 위를보게 배치하시고 뒷쪽 두개는 금속면이 아래로 향하게 삼점지지를 배치하시면 됩니다.


MiG SX footers are an evolution of our original MiG footers developed in 2008.
We start with a new specially tuned MiG resonator forged from high carbon steel and add a precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum and Carbon Fibre three-piece chassis engineered to distribute vibration through a special tuning disc and a UEF tuning element into Carbon Tungston ball bearings.
For a bespoke match to your system, MiG SX has two placement options that re-tunes your component’s resonance; choose between Ambient and Pin-Point configurations and pick the option that best suits your system on a component by component basis.
With MiG SX in your system, you experience a more massive and dense sound field, improved imaging, better layering of images, deeper and tighter bass, more extended high frequencies, and better mid-range clarity. I
n short, MiG SX improves nearly every aspect of system performance in a way that is anything but subtle. At Synergistic Research, we stand behind our products and we are confident you will be blown away by MiG SX guaranteed or your money back!

Design notes for the new MiG SX from our Lead Designer Ted Denney. “I wanted to take my original MiG footers and evolve them to incorporate the same precise sound I hear when using the world’s most expensive precision-machined multi-component isolation footers. I also wanted to preserve what it is we all love about my original MiG’s, namely their expansive soundstage and their ability to custom voice the sound of each component in your system until a synergy is reached. This unique ability to custom voice components with MiGs has been a critical element to my success in getting Best Sound at Show at trade shows like RMAF and Munich. To this end, I retuned the forged High Carbon Steel MiG resonator. We then developed a three-piece CNC machined Aircraft Aluminum and Carbon Fiber chassis for the transfer of mechanical vibration between the MiG and a special tuning disc, a UEF tuning element, and Carbon Tungsten bearings. These last three components were intentionally included so we could experiment with different materials until arriving at the correct balance of elements that would yield the best sound possible. For example, we experimented with precision bearings made from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and carbon tungsten. To evaluate these different material options, we built MiG SX footers with different internal elements and compared them in double-blind listening tests in our reference system until we arrived at Carbon Tungsten ball bearings, which sounded best. Likewise, the tuning ring and UEF elements were altered between different materials and formulations until we arrived at just the right combination.


Interestingly we found soft tuning rings overdamped the sound of individual components in exactly the same way soft footers compress the soundstage and suck the life out of a system while different metals each had different audiable signatures with one in particular that was ultimately best suited to the overall sound of our new MiG SX. Had it not been for the ability to tune these independent elements within the MiG SX, we could never have arrived at the sound we did, nor would MiG SX be as refined and evolved as it is. It would have been impossible to design this new footer from concept to final product with its current level of performance on initial design theory alone. It was the ability to subjectively tune separate internal parts in different combinations that finally yielded a footer that combines the precise image focus and clarity of the world’s most expensive and complex machined designs while enhancing the strengths our already holographic and tunable MiG’s for the most versatile and balanced sound of any component footer without compromise”.

Synergistic Research 한국공식수입원
ES오디오 https://www.esaudio.co.kr

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